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              IT Career Crossroads - Where should I go ?
Jobs are hard to find during recession, especially for freshers. Traditional Computer Training institutes & college curriculum have lost their relevance as they cannot build the edge needed to find the jobs and to excel in them.
         Technology Consulting 

TechIris team brings decades of expertise and hands on experience in a wide variety of technologies across platforms. Hands on research experience, proven implementation track record and extensive marketing analysis makes TechIris team your dependable technology consulting partner.  

Project Management Consulting

TechIris team comprises of people with proven track record and hands on experience in managing complex projects across verticals using cutting edge technologies.
Business Alliances & Acceleration Services 

TechIris team comprises of experts and business consultants across geographies with good network in different industries. They can help identify the right partners for your business do due-diligince, help establish a business model according to market needs etc.
Training courses conducted 

Course on Enterprise Career Jumpstart - This program exposes candidates to the core technical aspects, allied technical skills and also the needed softskills to execute the job function, build winning interpersonal relationships, keeping high level of motivation and growing in a corporate environment. [more]

Course on Enterprise Project Management - This program exposes the candidate to the various aspects of Project Management including key definitions, concepts, and processes. Areas covered includes different development models, Effort estimation techniques, Triple constraints of project Management - Scope, Time & Cost. [more]

Course on Softskill Essentials for Success - Softskills are an essential part of our everyday relationships, be it personal or professional. The development of soft skills in this market is very important when there is cut throat competition amongst people for a few available opportunities. Softskill development helps you build the edge to succeed. [more] 
  Latest News - Welcome to the turning point in your careers

TechIris has initiated a full practical & activity oriented learning program called "Enterprise Career Jumpstart" that arms IT job seekers with the knowledge and skills to successfully crack IT job interviews and leap ahead of others in their career with 360 degrees knowledge of enterprise environments & practices. [more]