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There is a wide gap between what the candidates that an "Instituion", be it an engineering college or a computer training institution produces and the "Industry" needs.  

There is a big gap between industry needs and the education system

Most of the freshers and early IT career people are naive to this fact and hence are not very successful in their careers. The recession has amplified the magnitude of this need as most IT organizations are not ready to spend the time to train candidates and align them to corporate work cultures and job needs. There is an urgent need to bridge this gap in order to be successful. 

TechIris launches a career oriented, activity based 360 degree training program aligned towards cracking the IT job interviews and excelling in early job activities improving the chances of quicker career growth and acheiving excellence.

This program exposes candidates to the core technical aspects, allied technical skills and also the needed softskills to execute the job function, build winning interpersonal relationships, keeping high level of motivation and growing in a corporate environment. 

Your success is our "GOAL". To discuss more on how you can be sucecssful, get in touch with us.

"Make the transition with Confidence"

Enterprise Career Jumpstart

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